πρόναος - Pronaos

πρᾶξις - Praxis

λόγοι - Logoi

μουσική - Mousice

ποίησις - Poiesis

ἀδελφόι - Adelphoi

ξένοι - Xenoi

The House of Abraxas is a group of initiates of the Ordo Astrum Sophiae currently operating out of the bucolic countryside near Eugene, Oregon, with an annex in Seattle, Washington. Our roots dating back to a series of Hermetic organizations founded in the late 90s, we of the House of Abraxas began our formal association with the Ogdoadic tradition under the Order Aurum Solis in 2001, and have continued to operate under the auspices of the Grand Commandery of the Astrum Sophia. Initiation is by invitation only at this time.

Who are we? We are scholars and musicians. Poets and artisans. Dreamers, shapers, singers, makers all. Each of us called to the lush green hills in his or her own unique way, we met by happenstance, but found common purpose and calling in the Art. Bound together by our commitment to the work of the Glorious Star of Regeneration, we keep the flame of the Ogdoadic tradition alive in the Pacific Northwest.