Elemental acrostics

by Companions Phaethon Protogenos and Mercurius

Acrostic poetry has long been used in devotional literature, and dates back to the composition of the Book of Lamentations and the Psalms in the Hebrew Bible, and the prophetic poetry of the Erythraean Sibyl in Ancient Greece. Early Christians famously used the representation of the ichthys (fish) as their symbol, due to the acrostic phrase "Iesous CHristos, THeou Yios, Soter". Medieval Christian poets during the Middle High German and Italian Renaissance period used the form for much more complicated works, as well.

Here are four acrostic poems in celebration of the elemental Archons intended for ritual invocation purposes.

SOTER, thou emissary of the First Light of dawn
Open thou thy gates to show the light of Eos.
Thy Pneuma like the morning breeze
Eurus: O east wind, into us breathe,
Receive our call, Priest of the Rites of Air!

ALASTOR, inspired of the burning flames,
Lord presiding over Notos' heights.
As Zeus’ fire did Zagreus beget,
So fire's power pourith from thy brazen wand.
Thy robes of red, from strength of Justice made,
O Justice most severe, but balance paid.
Receive our call, Priest of the Voice of Fire!

ASPHALEIOS amid the rolling waves,
Sinistrally borne, thy silver chalice shines.
Phantasmagoric cleansing waters quench
All unreason’s fever, temp’ring Mind
Lady ruling Zophos' vast expanse
Entreating thee, we call thy torrents forth
Imbuing life, thy vital currents flow
O blue-robed, Zephyr most serene
So call we: Priestess of Water’s Vision!

AMYNTOR, in robes of indigo clad,
Master of the North, of Arktos' domain
Usurper of Uranus, Titan of Time.
Nascent Golden Age awaits within
The children of the golden scythe and orb.
O source of Body’s torpor, do receive our call
Receive, Priestess of the Temple of Earth!