Character studies of the Elemental Archons, by Frater Auxilior Arti


1) worked up concept from original inspiration
2) copied out frames and sketched out a form
3) cut and copied this form into other frames, flipping back and forth between sketch and scanner to cut and paste, enlarge, lengthen, whatever, various parts of the image. PROCEDURE: Scan artwork, save as .BMP; open with PBrush to edit; open with Lview to print in actual size.
4) satisfied with the black image, we load it into Lview and set it for greyscale, then head over to RETOUCH : HSV ADJUST and adjust the V to 242, which produced a pretty good image for us--a detailed but washed out sheet upon which to place the final lines.

Soter - Archon of Air

Alastor - Archon of Fire

Asphaleios - Archon of Water

Amyntor - Archon of Earth

Final color images