Casmen I

Thus shall be the praise of Leukothea; ever thus while praise shall be:-
The crystal-flashing splendour of her love pervades all things, nourishing and renewing.
Of her bounty she gives secret dew into an earthen cup: those who love her drink deeply of it, and she casts around then brightness of her regard.
Where is the Great Serpent, where is he, her Lord? She has overcome him, she has shattered his fangs: from her womb is he born anew, a toothless babe.
Yet she is the Ally of the Strong, a mighty helper to the Sons and Daughters of Gnosis.
Before the white-fire face of the Moon she chants in shadow, and the Moon's self stoops to hear the song of allurement.
Before the white-fire face of the moon she chants; and a lone devotee, enscorcelled, staff broken and magick set at naught, casts himself, powerless, into the dark pull of her being. Thus without choice he waits, until the vision of splendour and flame arise, and wisdom be his, or madness.
Upon her palm the single flame quivers, seeming air-nurtured. Hand upon hand. Sign most awesome.
The beryl-stone in her circlet becomes a pool filled with waters of compassion and clear vision; whoso gazes therein shall mount a winged steed.
The crystal-flashing splendour of her love pervades all things, nourishing and renewing.

Casmen II

Hear of the Oracles concerning Melanotheos.
He is the pursuer of all who seek him not:
They awaken, they turn to find what has bestirred them;
But he has withdrawn. Beyond the deep of night he has withdrawn.
To the imaging of the mind's lone seeking
The Unmanifest seems as the myriad flame-particles which shadow forth his being.
One only is there, one in all her forms, to whom without cease he draws nigh.
She whom he seeks is found, and sought, and found in all worlds to Time's ending.
Therefore as a quest is Existence transmitted to all;
Therefore is Love the pulse of all being, and the lance of Light is the source of life.
In silence and darkness he moves
But that which he has wrought shines in flame, dances in water,
And to all who know him through that which he has wrought, the Father of All is manifold:
The thronging Star-Lords, Daimones,
The glittering dew of heaven imaging the seed-horde of godhead -
The myriad of the star-host in the body of the Goddess of Infinite Space.
She gives her oneness to that multitude, for to her he is one,
And the Gnostic for whom she is Wisdom knows him as one, Melanotheos.
Io, Melanotheos!
Daimones Poliastres, Io!

Casmen III

The Holy One shall arise
And his voice shall cry in the dawn,
Yea, his mighty voice shall cry in the dawn.
He shall go forth in his name Knouphis
And his crown of light shall enkindle the worlds.
A thousand Aeons shall adore him,
And men shall seek death.
The earth shall tremble,
The voice of the Holy One shall sound in the tempest.
The Gnostic shall stand in contemplation.
He shall lift up his hands in adoration.
Above him shall be the Diadem of Light,
And these shall be the words of the Gnostic:-
"Terror and vastness are about me,
But the broad wings of the serpent enfold me.
The fleeing darkness is before me,
But I keep in concealment the glory which is mine
And time is not yet when I shall unveil my face;
Yet I stand in majesty and power and bliss unending."
These shall be the words of the Gnostic in adoration of the Holy One.


Salutation, and again salutation to the High Guardians of the Glorious Star, who were, are, and are to come. Salutation and again salutation in the splendour of the Star which unites us.
O you High Guardians, Dwellers in Eternity: you have given signs and you have shown wonders, and you have revealed yourselves unto your children.
Such are the words, such is the Greeting!
In a voice of mystery do we call upon you, High Guardians, we who are the continuators of your Work: O Luminous Ones, behold and hear us. Not without our own questing do we ask to know, nor without our own endeavour to attain: but that the sowing shall be crowned in the harvest. For oneness of purpose do we call unto you, O Hidden High Ones! So Light and Life shall be drawn at last to the radiance of One Star, and that Star shall mount to the unshadowed height.


Ancient and potent Protector, Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee, and thee we invoke.
Glorious Serpent-God, encircling the Equal Cross, Knouphis-Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
Abundant goodness bestowing, Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
Terrible invincible God, Knouphis-Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
Holy Shepherd of thy People, Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
O thou Winged Splendour with broad pinions of emerald and gold, Knouphis-Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
Divine Priest of the Sun, thou white and scintillant, Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
Aid of the Seeker for Truth, Knouphis-Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
Immortal Guide of the Wise, Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
Mighty Champion of the Way, Knouphis-Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
Orient Spirit of Light, Agathodaimon, hail: we adore thee and thee we invoke.
Now and ever blessed, crowned with the Crown of Twelve Rays, Knouphis-Agathodaimon, hail: we exalt thee!


Thine is the Sign of the End, Being fulfilled
Sum of existences:
Thine is the ultimate Door opened on Night's
unuttered mystery:
Thine, the flrst hesitant step into the dark
of those but latterly
Born to the Labyrinth!

Shining 0 Fire in thy strength, laughing in flames
rushing to heavenward,
Sharp is thy tooth to devour all things of earth,
all things transmutable,
Winning them into thine own force incorrupt,
turning them hiddenly
Back to their principles!

Rise in thy splendour, 0 King! - glorious brow,
gaze on thy governance
Gladdening all who behold! Soaring as song,
rule and illuminate:
Crysoleth gleaming thy crown, rise and inspire,
Liongold, Falcon-flight,
Joyous, ambrosial!

Quietly under the Moon vanishes Day's
vaunted automony:
Softly the voices of Night sound at our gates,
stir from oblivion
Calling for sacrifice! Lo, children are we
all of one parentage:
Go we with thanksgiving!

Tzaphqiel, Bright one beyond veils of the night!
Envoy and countenance
Thou of the Mother, all hail! Thine is that far
fortress of radiance
Lighting the drouth of our way: fountain of hope,
water celestial
Deathless our thirst for it!

Play of the Breath and the Word, Life and the Law,
counterchange intricate
Weaving the ground of our days: this is our strength,
this is our jeopardy.
Spirit oracular, tell: knowledge and love,
will they keep unity,
Or, opposed, shatter us?

Out of the wellspring of forms filling the wide
spheres with its fashionings
Myriad images rise, wild or serene,
fleshly, ethereal:
Hail, 0 thou Eye that hast seen all things that are,
Knowledge to gaze on them
Blessing their goodliness!

Stone of the Patriarch's dream, pillow austere
couching the wanderer
While between heaven and earth glorious Shapes
came and went ceaselessly:
Hail to thee, Gate of the Worlds, column unhewn
set for memorial
Pointing the Arrow-road!

Nearest the heart of the seas watches the Fish,
shimmering, nacreous,
Moving with pulse of the tides, gliding far down
under their turbulence,
Crossing the fathomless caves, threading the lost
hulls of the argosies-
Shadow inscrutable!

Mother of waters profound, dark are thy halls,
bitter thy fragrances:
Voices of love and of awe call thee: arise,
leave thou thy sorrowing!
Robe thee in web of thy waves, Mother of Life,
robe thee in radiance,
Sing of thy Mysteries!

Lash of the Winds be thou named, waking the storm,
stirring the hurricane,
Flailing the forests, the plains, stripping the dead
leafage of yesteryear,
Sweeping the summer's decay! Dance and exult,
beauty invisible,
Terrible innocence!

Cup that receives and bestows, generous palm
garnering, scattering,
Thine are the bountiful rains, thine is the fount
purpled and perilous:
Thine is dominion to cast down to the pit,
thine to give sanctuary-
Yea, to give liberty!

Youth everlasting art thou, timeless as light
going forth silently,
Prince of the ripening grain, hand that creates,
changes and fecundates,
Touching the stars that they blaze, touching the vast
whorls of the nebulae,
Siring forth galaxies!

Twelve are the boundary-signs framing the bright
dragon celestial,
Theli or Ouroboro's, circling the world,
serpentine, leonine:
Thee whom the Thunderer strove vainly to move,
mighy one, shining one:
Thine be all reverence!

Chaos is close at our gates: sure be the wall,
strong be the citadel!
Now by adversity's fire wrought to endure,
be thou our champion:
Be thou our shield of defence till, at the last,
Tumult shall comprehend
Harmony manifest!

Zephyr, or Boreas wild: which is thy breath,
what is thy purposing?
Storm-flash or clear morning-rise, under what guise
hail we thy countenance?
Twain are the serpents of power, twain the august
Thummim of prophecy:
Twofold thy praises be!

Votary steadfast as stone, ardent as flame,
stanchion of unity,
Kin to that spirit divine fixed in the sun,
self-spending, bountiful
Life of the fosterling worlds! So standest thou,
Changeless fidelity!

High and victorious, hail! Scarlet-bedraped
windows are thronged for thee,
Thee to behold, who behold'st but to achieve,
victor who conquerest
But to make whole, to fulfil: judge who sees truth!
Hail, thou whose gonfanon
Leads the year's pageantry!

Doorway of vision fulfilled, bringer of dreams
forth to adventuring,
Sacred to thee are the red portals of dawn,
sacred the emerald
Gates of the jubilant spring, Mother of deeds
manifest, multiform-
Mother of destiny!

Grace of the glimmering night, beautiful pale
camel thou journeyest
Comely with bridle of pearl, cloth of most fair
silver caparisoned:
Tracing the trackless abodes, knowing all times,
knowing the numberless
Seeds of the firmament!

Bearing thy truth in thy heart, opal-fire sealed
deep and inviolate,
Over the seven-hued bridge pass to the worlds,
share in their variance.
Hail to the voice of thy power, speaking all tongues,
many in purposes,
One in divinity!

Ally of harbourless air, primrose-pale child,
shadow-lord azurine,
Whirling the mill of the spheres, circling their course,
tracing their vortices,
Bright as chalcedony, forth flashing then sped,
fervid as galbanum,
Hail, breath of origin!


On through the twelve great arches of the year
Lo, how the royal Sun proceeds triumphant.

Into the House of the Ram he swiftly enters
Strong and courageous Lord of all Beginnings
Childhood, and life that takes its road with joy.

Then in the House of the Bull, with boundless vision
In peace he rules, outpouring truth and beauty,
Emblem of given faith, and faith received.

Twofold he shines in the dwelling of the Brothers,
Lord of the restless mind which ever questions:-
Yet, of all wisdom the messenger divine.

In the House of the Crab, reflected in the waters,
Veiled and sublime shines forth another likeness:-
She, whom as Mother an ancient race has hailed.

But now the Lion, monarch greeting monarch-
Each proud and free, each generous and splendid,
Welcomes the Sun to the citadel of Autumn.

High on a peak is set the House of the Virgin,
Lofty and tranquil, pure as a temple:
There the Sun gleams with the clear light of spirit.

Wide swings the Balance in its place appointed:
Who shall give the edicts of Time and of Justice?
Only the Sun, who sees and governs all.

In the House of the Scorpion, in a secret frenzy,
The Sun dims his light to a flame of scarlet:
Deep is the well, and the shadows deep.

Far on the plains stand the tents of the Archer:
Hoofbeats ring all day and talk is long at evening:
Nomad of nomads the wandering Sun they hail.

Where rules the Goat, the Sun is stern and mournful:
There, long ago, the Golden Age he governed
Which might return, if man would but obey.

The Water-Bearer's House has many windows
Looking on the world with love and knowledge.
Thence the Sun sees all things as Lord of Truth.

In the House of the Fish is the Sun's immolation
But soon, soon the waters will redden to his rising:
Lord of us all, and sign of life victorious.


The threefold Lady, Maiden Moon, the Bride, the wise old Mother, moves
Across the living deeps of night, the bright pavilions of the Gods.

O Blade of Fire that cleaves the skies! 0 mystic flash that wakes to life.
The Moon in splendor shall arise supreme above the tempest's strife.

The Red Deer seeks the Huntress now, the novice seeks Dictynna's net;
Her altar witnesses his vow, and never doth the Moon forget!

Upon the Stag's proud brow there stands a shining Moon-spot silver white,
Showing the woods and meadow-lands the blazon of the Queen of Night.

Out from the Moon-mists luminous three drops distill, afar from Earth,
To fall into the deep, and thus a pearl is brought to gleaming birth.

Her shrines are set in sea and land, her signature in fruit and flower
And in the tides we see her hand, and in the seasons find her power.

But seek no rest beneath her will, for change and chance to her belong;
The cradle on the arrow's tip is swaying, and the night is long!

As with a lion's burning gaze through ever-living willow boughs,
She bids the heavens with earth embrace, life's wheel with perfect form endows.

The Moon upon a window bright graces the dwelling from afar:
Ah splendor, if the soul's own light upon the forehead sets a star!

Yet, mortal, if thy head should rest in sloth upon thy pillowed bed,
Her bow is turned against thy breast; up, haste, before the shaft be sped!

But lust she bans not, with its train of changing pleasures fiery sweet
If thou wouldst forge thyself a chain, to bind thy head beneath her feet!

See where across the dappled skies quest wide the hounds of Hecate!
The wild goose from their coming flies, the lurking owl cries sobbingly.

But he who gives her homage meet, yet is not bowed in servile fear,
Shall have a staff to guide his feet, and on his paths a lantern clear.

Let strength and skill thy shield afford, let thine own thought thy head bedeck:
Even a bead may turn a sword upraised to strike the wearer's neck!

Nor at the sculptured gateway pause whose mocking forms eclipse the stars:
And The base has only carven claws, the gate has only shadow-bars.

She wears the crescent as a crown, above the mountain-ridge to roam
And radiant she gazes down, leading the victor to his home.

She measures week and month and year, an age is but a liftle part,
And like a jewel at her ear trembles awhile thy beating heart!

The Lion's might is all unfeigned: even his tail-tip bears a tooth:
So say not when the Moon has waned, Her power is gone. 'Tis there, in truth!

Swift, swift and dauntless shall she rise, from all the mesh of darkness free,
Bearing her sickle through the skies, unconquerable ivory!

So calls she men to rise beyond the measure of their common state,
From abject Earth to loose their bond, their vision's worth to vindicate.

Behold the great sign magical which gave the Gods their victory
To overcome the demons all the Nut whose shell has summits three!

Again behold the peaceful land: the Moon doth bless each growing thing.
And Ocean knows her ruling hand, its cargoes safe in homecoming.

And hail to those upon whose birth she smiles! Their fortune's early found:
But has their triumph lasting worth? The hollow drum gives joyful sound!

But those who seek a hidden gem, who shun no perils on their way,
Those wise ones, the elect of Khem, her power shall aid them as it may.

Before their blessed feet she pours divine the bounty of her light;
The house from discord she assures, their rest she guards throughout the night.

Before their blessed feet she flings her store of dreams most wonderful
That they across those gleaming things may pass to Truth invisible.

And when the darkness swallows them, as once the Seer of Nineveh,
Their brows receive her diadem, to be reborn to victory.

Two Signs begin the passing year: we see the horse's head and mane,
But yet of him who guides, appear no tokens but the garment's train.

The Moon is borne through caverned cloud; shall night prevail against her beams?
Shall this Saturnian gloom enshroud the brightness of immortal dreams?