πρόναος - Pronaos

πρᾶξις - Praxis

λόγοι - Logoi

μουσική - Mousice

ποίησις - Poiesis

ἀδελφόι - Adelphoi

ξένοι - Xenoi

Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes, and we have found Truth in many places, both expected and unexpected. Here is but a small collection of documents, spanning the centuries, from which we have derived meaning. We are Gnostic in experience and temperment, many of us, and so the Gnostic Fathers, both ancient and modern, are amply represented here.

Some of this material has been written by our members, as well.

Nag Hamadi texts
Seven Sermons of the Dead, by "Basilides of Alexandria"
Biography of Basilides of Alexandria
Corpus Hermeticum I: The Poimandres (Man Shepherd)
Corpus Hermeticum XIII: The Secret Sermon
Wikisource pages for the Greek texts of excerpts of the Hermetica.
G. R. S. Mead's Hymns of Hermes
A compilation page of some of the works of Carl Jung.

Original material
The Palindrome, by Frater Palamedes
Meditation on the Golden Mean, by Frater Palamedes
Basic Hermeticism written by Frater Palamedes for an open workshop that never happened.