Music and visualization
by Frater Auxilior Arti

I've always envisioned a tape full of cues for various exercises, such as the Clavis Reii 1 and 2, but I just now had a thought that these collections of cues could be musical compositions. In envision a sound swelling up from silence, a pattern of one chord for the inhale, a rest, one chord for the exhale, all over a pedestrian sort of heart beat. Striking like a bell, louder each of three times, one is cued to the first visualization of the Corona Flammae. Glissando down to the next set of chords which represent the Uncia Coeli, which plays out upon each inward breath, the same on down the tree.

The musical problem that arises out of that is this: We need seven chords in the same key whose notes are alikened to the seven notes of the Gnostic or Greek scales....or....we need to start in the key of the crown chakra, then change to the key of the brow chakra, etc. That way there needs to be an actual interplay of only three chords, the cycling two for the breath and the intermitant other which punctuates the formation of the center and need harmonize nicely with one of the cycling chords. Picture that the cycling chords are E and Bb, say, with E being the inbreath. If we just play that E differently, we can get the effect we want, but it might not be as good an effect as adding a 7th or a 9th, and allowing it to flourish ornately for a moment.

Hmmm...this suggests that the appropriate key dictated by the chakra will need to be represented by the in breath, and complemented by the outbreath. Guess I better dig out my example:

Greek name sound note

Omega oh C
Upsilon oo B
Omicron aw A
Iota ee G
Eta ay F
Epsilon eh E
Alpha ah D

In this particular scheme, we are using a set of falling notes, but there is a set of rising notes as well, as well as a whole 'nother contemporary key arrangement. This looks like it can be all played in the key of C, but I'd have to check.


The potential for introducing this more Orphic component is great. I can easily envision a work designed for the Setting of the wards which would reliably set the mood as well as establish a framework for the "performance art" aspect of the activity. Have I got time to write it? No, probably not. Any takers?