Consecration of Sacred Oil

By Frater Mercurius and Soror Lyra


Bomos: Tessera, premixed oil, bell, lamp

Magician: Pentacle of Quintessence; Ring; Vestment white

1. Set wards

2. Solar salutation
"All hail, life-enkindling sun, child of creation's lord!
O, thou lone, all-seeing eye of the vault celestial, extend thy light that I may see, but dim thy glory that I be not blinded.
Unmask thy countenance, o God of light, for I am a lover of truth and would behold the spiritual essence concealed by thy golden disk.
So reveal unto my perception thy shining and inmost nature, even that high spirit which infuses thee and is one with the primal flame of mine own being.
Life-enkindling sun, child of creation's lord-salutations and praises unto thee!"

3. CRP 2

4. Gesture Pronontio

5. Say "I bless thee, creature of oil, in the divine and holy name"

6. Gesture Psi

7. Vibrate "ΙΕΗΩΟΥΑ" (EeEhAyAwOhAh)

8. Pick up the vessel. Say "So be thou ready, whenever thou art called upon, to confirm in strength and to seal in love the works of Art Magick."

9. Gesture Orante

10. Battery - 3-5-3

Official Astrum Sophiae Annointing Oil of the Outer Order
Saturn - Violet, 8 parts
Jupiter - Olive 4 parts
Mars - Spearmint 9
Sol - Rose, 1 part
Venus - Verbena, 6 parts
Mercury - Lavender, 5 parts
Luna - Camphor, 2 parts

Unfortunately, true oils of both violet and rose absolute are extremely expensive, and difficult to obtain. So, being the handy dandy resourceful kitchen witches that we are, we chose to improvise, based on standard cabalistic theories of planetary correspondences, many of which can be found in Denning and Phillips's fine text, "Planetary Magick", and came up with the following result.

Soror Lyra's Magical Mystical Cabalistically Balanced Final Formulation:
Saturn - myrrh (3)
Jupiter - olive (4)
Mars - spearmint (5)
Sol - cinnamon (1), frankincense (5)
Venus - bergamot (7)
Mercury - lavender (3), anise (3), fennel (2)
Luna - camphor (3), almond (6)