πρόναος - Pronaos

πρᾶξις - Praxis

λόγοι - Logoi

μουσική - Mousice

ποίησις - Poiesis

ἀδελφόι - Adelphoi

ξένοι - Xenoi

Χρυσεα φορμιξ Απολλωνος και ιοπλοκαμων
συνδικον Μουσαν κτηνον, τας ακουει
μεν βασις αγαλαιας αρχη
πειθονται δ' αοιδοι σαμασιν
αγησιχορων `οποταν ποοιμιων
αμβολας τευχης ελελιζομενα

With strings of gold calling out
like the Muses of old, you play,
calling the dancers to sway
and the poets all to sing.
Tragedy and comedy
are played upon your strings,
like unto the world as it Sings.

--Pindar, First Pythian Ode
Translated by Frater Palamedes
Written for Soror Lyra on the
occasion of her birthday, 2004

We of the House of Abraxas have many and diverse interests, but the force that holds us together is a deep and abiding interest in art of all kinds and media. Here resides a collection of things which inspire us. Our own poetry, and that of others, and visual and material art, as well. Some is sacred and devotional, some perhaps not, but all things are sacred to the Muses. If there is one lesson we would share with the aspirants to the Mysteries out in the world it is that one should never take oneself too seriously...

Magickal Hymns, Litanies and Poems excerpted from the Magickal Philosophy series
Hymns of Orpheus (Greek and English), English translation by Thomas Taylor
Fragments of Sappho, translated by Frater Palamedes
Latin verse on the occasion of the Winter Solstice, by Frater Palamedes
Elemental acrostics, by Companions Phaethon Protogenos and Mercurius

Visual art
Character studies of the Elemental Archons, by Frater Auxilior Arti

Material art
The only hollow body electric harp-dulcimer that I am aware has ever existed. Frater A. A. is a genius. Or crazy. Or both. Who can tell?