πρόναος - Pronaos

πρᾶξις - Praxis

λόγοι - Logoi

μουσική - Mousice

ποίησις - Poiesis

ἀδελφόι - Adelphoi

ξένοι - Xenoi

Thanks should go out to our many friends, both within the magical community and without, as well.

Makers of quality, hand crafted musical instruments, Orphic Airs has supplied our members with many of our tools of Art over the years.

Though unaffiliated with the Ordo Astrum Sophiae, the Companions of the Glyph shares some membership with the House of Abraxas. An example of the wider context in which the Ogdoadic tradition exists.

Our friends at Eleusyve Productions are currenlty undertaking the staging of all seven planetary plays that make up Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis series. We wish them great success in this endeavor! Many thanks to them for allowing the republication of Soror Lyra's original music composed for the Rites.